Top 5 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Mouse

Top 5 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Mouse

Top 5 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Corsair Mouse

5 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming peripherals, Corsair is a well-renowned brand that has almost everything. This includes gaming mice as well that are designed to serve specific game types such as FPS and MOBA. We are going to showcase 5 of the best gaming mouse from Corsair to help you pick the right one.

1. M55 RGB PRO

The M55 RGB Pro is an ambidextrous gaming mouse with a multi-group design at a reasonable price point. This mask features an asymmetric lightweight design where buttons are located on each side and lets you move with it quite freely.

Whether you are left-handed or right and prefer palm claw or fingertip grip. This mask will support you through all of it. The optical sensor of this mouse offers a maximum dpi of 12400 that lets you aim and track in-game objects with decent precision and accuracy.

It incorporates corsair’s Omron mouse buttons that are pretty responsive and a total of 8 programmable buttons scattered all over that will let you perform in-game actions conveniently. The 2-zone RGB backlighting goes really well with the simple outlook of the mouse and can be customized through corsair IQ software for modern FPS and MOBA games. M55 RGB Pro is a good gaming mouse that doesn’t require you to spend much.

2. Sabre RGB PRO

The Sabre RGB PRO is a lightweight gaming mouse with amazing gaming performance. It features an ergonomic shape that is comfortable on the grip and a 2.1-meter power cord cable that significantly reduces drag for a smooth mass movement.

The shape ultimately makes it ideal for palm and clock grip gamers as it will perfectly fit well on these grips weighing only about 74 grams. The mouse does feel lightweight and requires less effort to move from one point to another.

The optical sensor equipped on this mouse enables it to have a maximum dpi of 18000 that speaks for the performance itself. Similar to the M55, this one also has Omron buttons and six programmable buttons for your added convenience. Sabre RGB PRO sounds promising and will appear appealing to most competitive gamers out there.


SCIMITAR RGB ELITE is a premium mouse that has outstanding build quality and excellent performance for MMO gaming. It is equipped with RGB on the wheel logo and on the side panel that showcases cool lighting effects.

The frame is made of aluminum which gives it a sturdy construction and adds up to the overall durability. This mouse has a custom Pixar BMW 3391. That is fairly responsive with an exceptional 18000 DPI which is more than enough for pinpoint position accuracy.

Specifically made for MMO games, this mouse is packing 17 customizable buttons on the side panel, what’s more, the panel can be repositioned thanks to its key slider design that gives you the freedom of adjustability to find the ideal grip according to your hand orientation.

Overall the Scimitar RGB elite is an exceptional MMO gaming mouse, thanks to its movable side panel and premium build quality that you can get your hands on.

4. Nightsword RGB

Nightsword RGB is a tunable gaming mouse with an ergonomic design and pinpoints customization. This mouse has a contoured shape to it that fits right in your hands and a rubberized grip surface for maximum comfort.

The overall design of the mouse looks futuristic yet minimal that most gamers will find stunning. The most unique thing about this mouse is its precise weight calibration system where you can use the dual weight set for tuning the weight and find the perfect balance ideal for you.

It has been fitted with a custom Pixar BMW 3391 optical sensor that extracts out up to 18000 dpi for highly responsive and precise aiming. We are looking at a total of eight programmable buttons that act as a sweet spot for both FPS and MMO games.

For added perks, we have three onboard memory profiles four-zone RGB, and a 1.8-meter Braider Fiber Cable that combined make this gaming mouse a wholesome one. With all these useful features onboard the 9 sports RGB is indeed an awesome gaming mouse that provides more value for the price you pay.


HARPOON RGB WIRELESS is a high-performance wireless gaming mouse for responsive and enjoyable gameplay. It blends lightweight construction of only 99 grams with a contoured rubberized shape that lets you play games with less fatigue and long-term comfort.

Equipped with a 10000 dpi optical sensor and a lightweight design the mouse feels precise and responsive for getting those super-sleek flicks. It incorporates a total of six programmable buttons and on-the-fly dpi switching for greater personalization.

The slipstream wireless technology acts super fast with one millisecond response time for you to aim with greater accuracy and precision.

Battery backup will go up to 60 hours within a single charge which will keep your wrist assured for countless hours of gaming. To sum things up harpoon rgb wireless is a perfectly built gaming mouse from corsair that just might overall be the best option available to you.

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